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HR Policy Compliancy
Check List

Ontario Employment Law

Created this check list to make sure we had all our  policies and that we updated them to make sure organizations are compliant


Evolution 21 - Emerge, Embrace, Empower

A Real Success

HRSA Conference - I lead the HRSA team in the organization and development of a two-day virtual conference on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accommodation (IDEA); I performed as the Master of Ceremonies; the event went international and had students, alumni and professionals in attendance


Metal Health Programs for Workplaces

An Informal Research Project - Grade 98.5%

Although a group project the majority of the work was done by me. The initial document was an individual piece of work. When the group formed we were to choose from the three individual documents. Mine was clearly the best and very little needed to be done for the final project. Therefore, it was chosen as the piece of work for the final document.

Therapy Session

Reimaging Learning
Open Invitation Challenge

Research - Sustainable Education

The challenge is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which are designed to ensure that no one is left behind. The Goals emphasize the interrelated impacts of changes within society, the economy and the environment. They underscore the fundamental role education and learning play in either perpetuating or contributing to the transformation of existing attitudes, behaviours and policies that impact and promote racism, poverty, environmental degradation, social injustice and the marginalization of huge numbers of people within our local and global communities.


Recruitment Plan - Senior Infrastructure Analyst

Document for Recruitment and Selection Class Grade 100%

We were assigned a job description and told to make changes and develop a recruitment plan.

Job Interview

Selection Guide - Senior Infrastructure Analyst

Document for Recruitment and Selection Class Grade 100%

Using the same document in the recruitment plan we were to come up with a Selection Guide.

Reviewing CVs

PM - Competency Model

A Real World Success

Group Grade 100%

Worked with a real-world employer to create a competency model for one of their employees, This is the Presentation for part 1 of the project, it was designed to explain what was most important to the employer.

Business Meeting

PM - Employee/Employeer

Another Real World Success

Group - Grade 100%

The Presentation for Part 2 of the assignment brings all the pieces together in the competency model. The assessment is done and the employee and employer decide on areas in which they can improve.

Colleagues Working in Office

The Business Strategy Game
Industry Winners

Our Company - Break-out Footwear

Our team was the Industry Champion in the Business Strategy Game for our Advanced Business Management class. The game is a competition-based global strategy simulation, where students become senior executive members of a global shoe manufacturing company.


SHRM and Environmental Management

A Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation

by Samena Brinkman

Think Green! This PowerPoint presentation was a group project in my HR Research class, I did all the PowerPoint formating. This presentation was based on a white paper "The Impact of Human Resource Management on Environmental
Performance: An Employee-Level Study"

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