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The world where we do business has changed! So have the
needs of your people.
We help businesses engage their people through the employee experience.

Embracing the employee experience as a strategic priority is the key to unlocking the full potential of the organization's
most valuable asset – its people!

Culture is a Strategy!

By prioritizing culture as a key strategy, businesses can cultivate a thriving workplace that attracts and retains top talent, fosters innovation, and drives long-term business success.

Moving to a people-first culture will result in 

At SBL Solutions, we work specifically with small and medium-sized businesses to help prepare their business for the future. This includes assessing the current culture climate, identifying areas for improvement, and co-designing and co-implementing solutions that enable employees to thrive and engage in the work environment.


Who We Are

We are the sum of our passion, vision and expertise. We discover the people, purpose and stories that are shaping your organization. We are today, and we are designing workplaces for the future of work.


What We Do

We are experts in transformational HR. We empower organizations through people-centric strategies to craft a culture that ignites employee engagement and drives success from within. 

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What We Believe

We hold a core belief: for organizations to truly flourish, everyone—from the top leaders to every team member—shares the responsibility of shaping the workplace culture. Each role and every action contributes to a thriving environment where success and growth flourish.

Our Services

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CultureTalk Surveys & Courses

Two Surveys, One System

The CultureTalk System makes understanding human behaviour actionable through a modern platform of assessments, training, workshops and coaching.

Whether you are looking to grow personally or as an organization, CultureTalk is the only two-survey, one-system platform for assessing and developing individuals, teams, and organizations. The CultureTalk system translates your culture into a tangible business asset that can be measured, managed, and led.


Employee Experience Consulting

Our approach enhances engagement, attracts top talent, and reduces absenteeism, ultimately elevating profits. Join us in transforming your employee experience through the power of 6D design thinking.


We leverage the power of our 6D design thinking process to co-create exceptional employee experiences. By understanding the needs and wants of your workforce, we recommend and redesign processes that add value to your organization.


IT Solutions for HR

Whether you need a simple SaaS solution or a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) system, maybe you don't need anything at all.


We listen to your needs. Utilizing our technical expertise, we research and collaborate with HR software providers to identify the ideal budget-friendly solution for your business. Whether it be an add-on or a whole new HRIS system, we will find the best solution for you and help you implement it.

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