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My Story

Telecom Tech to Human Resources Professional

After a substantial career in Tech as an electronics repair technician in manufacturing, refurbishing and telecommunications as a front-line customer service repair technician and change management coordinator, I found myself in a layoff position. Eager to pursue a long-time passion and hobby, I started my own business while deciding what I was going to do next. I engaged in much reflection and some career coaching. My entrepreneurial mindset, big-picture thinking and desire to lead people made me feel destined for a career in business. I felt I needed to go back to school. I started with a course in Project Management. Learning again gave me a new outlook, and I decided to go back to college full-time in Business Administration, but what stream should I choose? Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing?

I was inspired to pursue a career in Human Resources because of my passion for people.


​Initially, it was my experience in training and development with Scouts Canada, and labour relations (LR) as a Steward inspired my choice, but my college experience opened my eyes to so many other options. After a temporary contract at Bell Technical Solutions (BTS) as a Grievance Management Consultant, the obvious choice for my skill set, I discovered that LR was not the best match for my passion. Although I have the knowledge and ability to work in LR, It did not aline with my passion and values.


I began actively learning and pursuing a position where I can create a positive organizational change and develop people and cultures to increase business growth, attract and retain employees and create an incredible employee experience.

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