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Design Thinking with 6D

The 6D Process is our comprehensive approach to employee engagement and developing a healthy employee experience. We use Design Thinking to help organizations understand their employees as consumers of the workplace. Our step-by-step process is iterative and based on both qualitative and quantitative data. We will walk you through the process of creating workplace experiences that engage employees, encourage collaboration, and foster fulfillment.

The ROI of Employee Experience

According to Gallup’s 2023, State of the Workplace report.


of Employees in Canada and the United Staes are unengaged or actively disengaged at work.


Less Productive


of thier annual salary is the average cost of replacing a mid-level high performer. That's 97,500 for a star performer eaning 65,000 per year.


Less Profitable


of Employees in Canada and the United States think that this year is a good time to find a job.


More likely to take time off.

Hiring an Employee Experience Consultant from SBL Solutions Canada to save just one high-performing employee is the break-even point.

Disengaged Employees are costing businesses 34% of their annual salary! That is $3,400 for every $10,000 they make.

The 6D process is a scalable, tailored solution for all your people processes and programs.


What keeps you up at night?


In this stage, we use empathy to look for the pain points of the organization and the employees. We look at what the employees think feel and do and where the organization is and where it wants to be. We use several tools like surveys, interviews and focus groups to collect data or we can use the data you already collected. 


It is an iterative process.


Here we design a prototype.  Integrate it into the organization and monitor it to see if it is working. Suppose it is not making a difference we reevaluate. If it is improving the experience or the culture, we create a more permanent solution.  


We look for the route cause!

We don't just add perks! Or just create a great onboarding process. We look at the whole employee lifecycle. We assess the current culture, the level of trust and other key indicators. In this stage, we take a closer look at the data and validate it. We analyze the data and pinpoint the areas where the organization is meeting expectations.


It is an iterative process.

We implement the prototype or permanent solution into the organization. Monitor it and see if it is making a difference.  If it is not showing the expected results we reevaluate until a permanent solution is found.


We find the low-hanging fruit.


At this stage, we decide what areas need to be tackled first to provide the organization with the biggest impact and the most value for the business. This could result in identifying a broken process, identifying a technology to be added, more training required, or a program that needs to be developed.


It is an iterative process.

We develop metrics to monitor. If the prototype shows the expected positive results. We implement a permanent solution and continue to monitor it to make sure it was a sustainable solution. If we do not see the expected results we reevaluate. 

Grow Your Vision

Elevate your business through your people.

Improve the employee experience and your culture and improve your business.

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