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Human Resource Student Association (HRSA)

September 2018 - April 2021

The Human Resource Student Association (HRSA) is a non-profit, student-run organization in the Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC). The association is run by students to simplify the flow of information between students, alumni, industry experts and professional associations.

To provide meaningful insight into the Human Resources profession and bridge the gap between classroom and career. 

To broaden the understanding of the HR Profession within the Pilon School of Business by challenging, supporting, and providing valuable learning and networking opportunities to aspiring business students through the development and execution of events and activities that promote the development of industry-specific competencies through real-world experience, thus bridging the gap between classroom and career.


Developing People, Sharing Knowledge, Inspiring Creativity, Serving the Community

Key Competencies

Business Meeting
Couple at an Event


While in the positions of VP and President, I learned so much about organizational strategy and leadership. Leading a group of young volunteers who were being pulled in multiple directions by various commitments was challenging at times.

Event Planning

However, by implementing valuable skills like communication, organization, and time management, I trained, mentored, and supported a team of 15 students to complete many projects, events and activities successfully.

Learning & Development

Many of the projects and activities that we engaged in required me to either develop training courses, facilitate training, or lead the Learning and Development Team in creating and facilitating training courses.

Key Achievements

Strategic Planning

  • Successfully developed and employed a strategic plan for the HRSA, which included building a learning culture by developing academic events to promote growth, student engagement, and learning; Increased retention and membership by 50% YOY; recognized as a dedicated leader who delivered results even through the difficult transitions of COVID-19

  • Rewrote the mission, vision and goals and found creative ways of communicating the HRSA strategy to the executive team to build a stronger more cohesive culture

  • Created a team of 15 students in the HRSA executive; developed an organizational chart with the VP and President leading teams in events, learning and development, communications and marketing, finance, and recruitment and retention


  • Demonstrated leadership as the single point of contact and liaison between the faculty at two campuses; kept faculty apprised of volunteer engagement in curriculum-run events; gained a reputation as an effective and passionate leader with a can-do spirit 

  • Led monthly meetings and communicated strategic plans and semester initiatives, conducted brainstorming activities, received department reports on departmental initiatives, and received and gave feedback 

  • Managed 26-30 HRSA Interviewers to critique over 600 Pro Edge students in 20+ classes with multiple professors every semester;  recruited, trained and certified each volunteer, managed the schedule and picked up the slack, to ensure success.

  • Managed 25-30 volunteers to facilitate the Supply Chain Distribution Game in multiple Operations Management classes (300+ students) over two weeks annually; recruited, communicated with stakeholders (department head, class professors, HRSA volunteers), managed schedule and picked up slack to guarantee success

  • Participated in the Annual General Meeting (AGM); discussed and voted on proposed amendments from the board of directors; participated in every semester All Presidents meeting with the Sheridan Student Union (SSU)

People Operations and Recuitment

  • Managed the employee life cycle in the HRSA team from on-boarding to off-boarding; motivated and increased engagement through growth talks and feedback, personal development activities, and recognition

  • Spearhead the mock Interview initiative in the HRSA, conducted over 300 mock interviews virtually and in person, critiqued over 100 resumes and facilitated job search training sessions for students preparing for co-ops, internships or careers over three years 

  • Participated in each semesters club fair, developed an engaging themed display, talked to people, ran draws, games and information sessions to promote the Association

  • Created a recruitment video to brand the association and increase membership for volunteer activities

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

  • Spearheaded and performed as the Master of Ceremonies at a two-day virtual conference on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; the event had students, alumni and professionals in attendance and went international

Succession Planning

  • Developed a succession plan for the HRSA executive members by recognizing the inevitability of significant turnover year to year, mentored and coached student executives, including my replacement in the HRSA

Entrepreneurial Spirt

  • Seized an opportunity to move the semestrial mock interview process into a completely virtual environment due to the impact of the pandemic; developed new training material for the virtually recorded interviews. Trained and managed 26 HRSA Interviewers to critique 640 Pro Edge students in 20 classes with 11 professors in the spring semester

Event Planning

  • Led a team of student executives in the organization of multiple events and learning activities to increase the knowledge and understanding of HR; mock interviews, job search seminars, resume critiques, training facilitation, mindfulness sessions, TED Talks, leadership seminars and annual conference

  • Under my direction, Evolution-21 had five keynote speakers, 18 session speakers, 18 expo booths, speed networking and fun break activities; all the speakers related their topics to equity, inclusion and diversity, and mental health as we prepared to emerge from the pandemic

  • Participated in the College orientation and new student tour events, and the SSU all club events like the Club fair. The HRSA was the largest and most active club at Sheridan under my direction


  • Sparked my creativity in the theme and naming of the two-day virtual conference "Evolution-21 Emerge, Embrace and Empower!"; equated the conference topic to many species of butterflies emerging from their chrysalis as we emerged from the isolation of the pandemic

L&D - Training Facilitation

  • Facilitated discussions and educational sessions on emerging HR topics and practices; developed training material and trained student volunteers to facilitate the supply chain distribution game and mock Interview critiques

L&D - Course Development

  • Developed training material and trained student volunteers in person and through an e-learning course to facilitate the Supply Chain Distribution Game annually

  • Directed student executive members in the development of e-learning material for in-person mock interviews, Interviewer training. Used an online platform to train the trainer so student volunteers could do training in their own time

  • Took the mock interviews virtual for COVID, created e-learning training programs for the interviewers and interviewees, trained and managed 30 volunteers; put 640 students through LinkedIn, and two interview critiques

HRPA Case Competition

  • Organized and participated in the HRPA Case Compaction; recruited a professor to coach the team; participated in over 25 hours of training, with four other team members

Marketing & Branding

  • Led the communications team in the creation of promotional material in both traditional and online media to promote activities and increase membership; increased membership by 45% in one semester to 150 members

  • Developed a recruitment video for the HRSA to recruit new members in an online world. More than doubled membership within three weeks of its release from 45 to 102 members.​

  • Scroll down to watch the recruitment video 

Who we are and what we do?

Recruitment Video

HRSA Service Record

Sep. 2019 - Apr. 2021


The HRSA President role is a strategic role that is involved in the development of the HRSA strategic plan, recruitment, selection and hiring of the executive Communication committee, representing HRSA internally and externally, coordinating with the HRSA Adviser and SSU to ensure the successful completion of HRSA objectives, Creativity while observing all Sheridan policies and procedures, and HRSA terms of reference. The minimum number of participation hours is 100.

Mar 2019 - Sep 2019

Executive Vice President

The Vice-President is responsible for ensuring that the association is working to its full potential to benefit students. The Vice-President is also responsible for ensuring that HRSA meetings are run in an organized, efficient manner and that all events run smoothly. Vice-President also works with other clubs associations, the Student Union, external associations/companies the Faculty of Business to ensure that student's needs are met. The Vice-President also coordinates and administers the HRSA's policies as defined by the HRSAs elected Executive. The President operates on an equal level as the Executive Vice-President. The minimum number of participation hours is 100.

Feb. 2019 - April 2021


HRSA Volunteers are responsible for coordinating and completing various activities associated with HRSA events as directed by the Executive team. Working as a member of the ad hoc team, they assist the Executive Team with achieving the event's goals. The minimum number of participation hours the student must complete is 10 hours over two semesters.

Sep. 2018 - April 2021


Members of the Human Resources Students Association (HRSA) are expected to participate in HRSA activities and attend member events. The minimum number of participation hours is 25.

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